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Happy September to you! I hope you're having a wonderful month so far! I've got several great things to share (as always) and I hope you'll check them out. Scroll down to the bottom to get the latest information on an upcoming release and a cute comic I found.

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Are you a fan of supernatural creepy stories? Me too! 

Next month one of my stories will be part of The Reunion - A Supernatural Anthology. I'm really excited about it! I'll be sharing more about it later in the month too. Keep your eyes open for a dedicated email!

In The Black Cat a girl discovers the fine line between horror and love when the family pet turns out to be more than it seems.

If you'd like a sneak peek you can read an excerpt from part one here.

June brought summer and a black cat. Not the kind you buy at the fireworks stand as you prepare for the Fourth of July—that fearsome face and open maw, red eyes, white fangs. The black cat that came into my life was small and mild, willing enough to be held and petted, carried around in the crook of my arm as I moved between the playhouse in the backyard to the dollhouse in my bedroom. One life sized, the other a miniature; my interior and outer worlds...

The Black Cat - Part One

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